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Microsfot Expression Web is the evolution of Microsoft for the web developers
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Microsoft Expression Web is the next-generation program or, better said, the part of the evolution of Microsoft for the web developers use to their web editor FrontPage. The base program from the web editing, FrontPage; is not longer been developed by Microsoft reason why all the users need to move for the next generations of this software.

The software provides a similar interface from the FrontPage, reason why the majority of users of this software prefer this option provided by Microsoft because it’s very similar in appearance and commands. The other option provided by Microsoft is the SharePoint Designer released with the Office 2007 but the people still prefer Expression Web cause is better suited for the developing of internet web pages.

The transition of previous works in FrontPage to the new options could have some discrepancies but in comparison of that Expression Web add several, new and great features that the majority of web designers have been asking for, to mention some of them: the software improves the CSS feature, standards-complaint websites are created by default, full designer support for ASP.NET 2., the user interface with task panes and others.

The only main this disadvantages of this type of software provided by Microsoft if that they couldn’t be comparable with the open-source choices; if you have a web server powered by Linux, your web design mainly is going to run in a Windows or a Mac platform.

Also comparing the software in price by update or purchase; it’s still being the best option for the main consumers.

Jose Ruiloba
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  • Multiple Options
  • Users using the frontpage have a great facility for the usage
  • CSS feature improved
  • Full support for ASP.NET 2.0


  • User with a web server powered by Linux, are forced to use a Windows or Mac platform to use the software
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