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Microsoft Expression Web 4.0

This tool helps you create standards-based Web sites faster & easier
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Microsoft Expression Web 3 is a complete tool for website editing and development. It allows editing in PHP, HTML/XHTML, XML/XSLT, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET, and ASP.NET AJAX among others. Most of them are needed at one point or another when creating a next-generation website. The new Expression Web 3 also includes support for Silverlight applications in the websites, and even support for Photoshop files. This is Microsoft's answer to Adobe's dominance in the web developing market. Web 3 also includes Superpreview, which allows to test browser compatibility. You can choose from any of your selected browsers and then view your work in different browsers and versions. It also gives you the ability to edit directly into the code while you are previewing, a definite plus when fixing browser-related bugs. Expression Web 3 also includes a package for collaborative work, allowing developers to keep track of code and its changes. All in all, this package definitely is up to par with Adobe's and it should be considered by anyone who is seriously thinking of developing a web page.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Support for the latest technologies
  • Quick debugging
  • FTP Support


  • Net Framework required
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